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testimonials for Angel Lightfeather...I held Angel Presence Angel Presents as I slept and I was healed...what a book!!! MC

"you were awesome. The many tears shed by the audience are a good sign of how deeply you touched the truth of their souls. Thank you so much" GKH

"I felt the light of God glow upon me as I heard Angel speak. I was touched by the light of God the way that Moses was touched. Thank you for such a blessing" Father Christopher

“I have been in so much pain for so many years I always felt grumpy. I feel so incredible after our session. Angel, You are a miracle worker! My wife can’t believe the change!”

Hello Angel,
My twin sister, my husband and I attended your church service on Sunday, May 2nd. Thank you for your blessings. As you may have
"picked up on", my husband is a very, very ill man (heart failure). He wanted to go to your church service for blessings. Your sermon that day was an inspiration. Continue to do God's work and know that you make a difference in people's lives.

Dear Angel,

It was a pleasure to see you again.
Thank you for the time that you took with me and with my mother.
My step father and Paul, also enjoyed meeting you.
I hope to go to Sedona soon again, for some reason I feel that I am being called to spend some more time in meditation.
Thank you very much for the Angels book, each time that I open the book to a page, answers my question.

Thank you for everything, the time that you spent with us, I love your property, the energy is wonderful, calm and healing.

Thank you, Angel - I feel more and more clarity about my purpose in this life. Your reading is another gift to help me truly understand and move forward with what "feels" right. I hope to travel to Sedona this summer - it is a place that I feel drawn to. I hope our paths cross at some point.
Thank you for sharing your gift with me.
Take care,

Dearest Angel,
  I just wanted to say it was delightful meeting you, and I wanted to tell you how much you helped me. During my reading you saw a ' Divine Intervention' and how right you were.
I was concerned about some health issues and pending test results.  Well Angel, to the Dr.'s surprise my tests came back absolutely normal.  She was talking to me about hysterectomy and it will not be necessary, and not only was that a nice surprise my other concern was my high cholesterol ...well, that came back 68 points lower than it was just  2 months prior.
Well, this was not a shock  to me as I did believe in your healing ability and what you said you witnessed happening to me.
  I am so grateful to you and  to God for gifting you to us.  I wish you were near, for I would be sitting on your doorstep.
My Danielle was so right that you are a special person. I am honored to know you. May you have many blessings in your life.
Most Sincerely,

It's Jayne.  I wanted to thank you so much for all the time you spent with me yesterday (Saturday) and how perfect it all came together.  It was such a beautiful day and one I shall never forget. You really helped me to discover my inner knowing and have given me access to even more peace inside. It has been a blessing that I came to meet you this weekend. When I left yesterday, I was worried I would not retain it all, and after I realized that I have downloaded within me the infinite knowledge of the Universe, all I have to do is ask my spiritual guides to bring it forth to me. All your advice has been wonderful. I will
keep in touch and let you know how I am doing from time to time.

Peace, Love & Blessings Always,


"You are an amazing woman and I truly did feel blessed today. I hope to stay in touch.
Thank you again."

"Hi Angel,

Just a quick how are you????? I was out in Sedona in November and had a wonderful reading with you.... you are AWESOME!!!!

Love your new websites and newsletter, keep it coming....

Peace, joy and love to you!!!!"

"Thank you for sharing this with me... I just want to share a true story with you as well...
I know that we will meet soon...
My grandfather past away on April 16th at 1:06 am at the age of 90. Before he passed away (the last few hours) he would go into a translike state and would mumble a few words...he saw angels... the most amazing thing happened shortly after he past away at the hospital, when the men from the funeral home came to pick him up early that morning. I followed the men as they were taking him out of the hospital. It was a very peaceful morning, still dark, and many stars out. I asked one of the men if he would uncover his head so that I may see him one more time (his body was still warm) as he removed the blanket I looked up at the stars (saw a shooting star) and spoke to my grandfather... I told him I wish he could see the stars one more time ... I said a prayer to God and the archangels and leaned over to kiss his forehead and tell him goodbye. I then noticed his left eye open as he too (peaked) at the stars... the man from the funeral home witnessed this as well and was amazed.
I was born and raised by my grandfather in northern NM, near the mountains, trees, deer, and the many blessings of nature. In 1998, I had a dream I saw an angel before my divorce. In my dream the environment was in front of my grandfather's home. Words cannot describe the illumination of the angel. For the last ten years I have lived next door to my grandfather. My divorce was a blessing for my two children, myself, and my grandfather."

"Dear Angel

I wanted to thank-you sincerely for the reading yesterday. It was very helpful. You shed light on some very important issues. I look forward to receiving the tape and listening to what you said again. I especially enjoyed the part about the angel wings protecting my heart..."


"You were right!
That sums it up. Pretty much everything you told me when we chatting this spring has come true. I am moving to a nice place. I visited my childhood home and got feelings of my Great Uncle Gus. and other details.
I would love to get a phone reading from you to get some guidance for thje next couple of months. Please let me know your availability for the next couple of weeks.

"HI Angel,
When I was getting my reading on the 25th of June there was something I intended to speak to you about. If you are interested I would like to share this with you:
A number of years ago following the death of a dear friends daughter I had a lot of Spiritual incedence happen and even thought I might be loosing it. That is what started me on finding out what this was all about.
Two events stand out still in my mind.
I want to share one of them at this time. I was in bed asleep and I light woke me up. I thought the neighbor kids was shining a light into my bedroom window. I got out of bed to look and see because it was like a spot light. There was nothing to see so I went further to the front of our home to see if cops was shining a light like they do when they have had a call. Nothing again. I closed the blinds and pulled the curtain closed. I turned my back to the window and tried to go back to sleep. But the light came back and even brighter I turned to look and there was what I called and angel. Just hovering by the side of the bed. I felt mesmerized by it. I never knew why she (or he) was there. I never conciously ( bad spelling) received a message. Suddenly I knew that I was to turn away so I rolled over with my back towards it. Then I looked again and she was gone. The light emanating from that angel was as bright as a diamond only a lot more of it like pure light. Mixed into that light was a type of form albeit the beaming of light was the most prominent of all, yet I could tell there was a fiace in that light. The most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I always felt as though there was a message but I was so involved with her presence that I didn't get the message. Guess it wasn't meant for me to remember. I have always needed to share that with someone I hope you didn't mind. Anyway with that I will say good bye and hope to hear from you someday. You really were a blessing to me."

"Hello Angel,
I just arrived back in Houston last night. I want to thank you again for the reading. It was very helpful for me in my healing process. You were so wonderful to meet. Thankfully we did find the cross.
I will spread the word about you to many people as I always seem to be surrounded by a lot of folks. Hopefully some of them will find there way to you as I did."

"Thanks Angel for the reading the other day, it brought a lot of understanding and helped me to acknowledge some feelings I was trying to push away. I am doing the meditation learned and it is bringing calmness and a positive state.




I don't know if you remember me, but my niece Joanna and I visited you last October from Canada. My dog Boomer was sick at the time and unfortunately he passed away while I was in Sedona the day after our spritual tour. I mediated on it and asked him to wait for me, but he told me no and built a wall. It was amazing to connect even under those circumstances. He is still in my prayers and visions.
I just wanted to say hello and let you know that so many things have accelerated since my visit with you in Sedona last October. I am on my path and meditations are so magical, I can't even explain where this divine inspiration is coming from. I will one day come back to Sedona and surely look you up. Thank you for your blessings and newsletter, always an inspiration.

Love and light always"


"Hi Angel, I was in to see you last week (the Libra/Leo shamanic study girl!) I just wanted to thank you again for the reading, I got even more out of it later as I let it digest. And then my vision opened up even more! I will definitely be back sometime this year to participate in your weekend workshop. ...

Thanks again!"


"Thanks for all your help and insight. The relaxing bath is lovely."

"Dear Angel,
I just wanted to take the time out to let you know how much I truly loved our time together and helping me get on the right path. I really needed to release all of those things that were holding me back. You are truly a wonderful and remarkable woman yourself and I felt so connected to you! I know that our paths will cross again and I look forward to when that time comes. I will keep you posted on how things span out in my life. I am very excited to be starting fresh and anew! Thank you and to all of my angels to helping me on this wonderful experience. It was also so nice that my spirit guide appeared that means more than words can express. Til we meet again and speak once more..."

"Dear Angel:
I was so pleased to have had the joy of meeting you and spending so many
wonderful hours in your presence. I wanted to send you the pictures I took.
I think you are beautiful and the angels were right in telling you to put the red blanket over you shoulders. It is joyous to see.
I am back home, by the ocean, and feel very content.
Thank you again. Love and Light"
Sherry :)


"Dear Angel
it was a pleasure to hear your calm voice in the other side of the line and to hear your sounds coming from heavens space
I really got to a state of total relax of my mind and soul just by hearing you , it was really peaceful
please don't hesitate to send me a message any time you have a message for me , so i can arrange an appointment over the phone with you
one thing it came to mi mind after we chat is that we might have been connected in previous lives,,
I will like to open my heart to you so you can feel how great full I'm
I will keep you in mind and heart , always and you must know that once i love somebody it is for ever
I hope you GODS WILL , AND JESUS BLESSINGS you are about one in many and one in one,,,"
love NANO

"Hi Angel,

I wanted to bring my family down to SEDONA....

I know my husband is really interested in taking your institute programs.
Also, my daughter would love to get your reading when she is coming back here on X'mas holiday.

 in SEATTLE today. Snowy day gives me a sacred mood and it is also cleaning my sorrow.
I have done 4 or 5 times readings with another healers before but I don't know why I feel SO close to you ....I have never felt like this ... .
YOU ARE THE GREAT HEALER.ARIGATO ( Thank you in Japanese )"

Hello Angel:
I love your website. You are so beautiful. More beautiful everyday!! It was nice talking with you this evening. ..
My journey with Angel Lightfeather began at a very vital divinely appointed time which our paths crossed and she breathed and revealed such love and truth. She is truly a messenger of peace of this time with the Holy Spirit. Her love and guidance touched my soul so deeply that she actually brought me to a higher level of love with Christ. She is a courageous and gentle soul always ready to shine a bright light on your way."

"Hi Angel,
This is Maya, I had my journey with you this past week. I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful and amazing journey!! Every place we visited was very special to me and really touched my heart and I do feel the healing effects of each location we went to. I will remember this experience forever. The next day after our time together, my husband and I went to the Stupa again. It is such an amazing, peaceful and uplifting place which I feel very connected to. I left some offerings (tumble gemstones) this time. Red Rock Crossing and the Montezuma Well were also amazing. I am very grateful for all of the information you gave me and I have more clarity on issues (marriage) and about myself. Yesterday afternoon before we left Sedona, we stopped at Center for New Age so that I could purchase your book. I am looking forward to reading it. Thank you again Angel for making my first trip to Sedona an extra special one!
Peace, light and blessings to you always,"

"Hi Angel,
I have spoken with you a few times over the phone and the experience was wonderful. You helped me so much and I still really appreciate your kindness and love...Thank you so much,"

"Dear Angel,

It's been a year and a half since I visited with you, with my older dog, Picabo, who had ISSUES with the new upstart, Gracie. I can't believe that I've been able to stay away from Sedona that long, so we're coming back! ... Since I confirmed the reservation three days ago, I've been dreaming about being there. Actually, I think I've been astrally projecting myself there during my sleep, the dreams have been that vivid. The urge to be there is both spiritual and PHYSICAL. I am LONGING for the energy and the serenity of the red rocks. I've been away too long. I need a FIX!

I'd love to make an appointment to see you, with both Gracie & Picabo. I think Gracie may have some things to say this time. Overall, they are getting along pretty well. It's been almost two years since Grace came to live with us. Picabo is getting more exercise, and eating a healthier diet, so she's lost a pound or two, which I'm sure makes her feel better.

I'd like to have a personal reading for MYSELF, also, with you. What I need is access to my "chart" in the Akashic Records. I'd like to know what I wrote regarding health issues for the later part of this life. Sort of like a "heads up" on what I need to be vigilant about. I'm currently experiencing some "autoimmune system" issues (nothing life-threatening), and need some advice on how to proceed. Can you help me with this?

I read in the Sedona Events Calendar that you are conducting a seminar on October 6. I wish I could be there to hear you! But we'll be there about two weeks later. I'd prefer to do the dogs and my reading at the same time, if possible.

Looking forward to seeing you,

In love and light,"

"Hi Scott here. I came to see you last week. I'm back in Atlanta now. I
wanted to thank you for you time, your shared guidance and insight and the
peace our time together has brought me.
I have made it a point to meditate everyday since our meeting, and it has
amazingly helped in relieving my heart of anger, negative thoughts and
general darkness in the presence of the Spirit. It has been amazing.
I wanted to ask you, you had me recite a prayer of blessing when I laid on
the table in your space. I've been trying to apply it daily... to help me with my meditation each day.
Thank you so much for your compassion and channeled blessing.

"This was the amazing journey as described, it was more incredible than described. Angel Lightfeather is an incredible soul that knew more about me than I ever expected. This was an incredible experience I will never forget! This was definitely the Sedona experience! I mean it was so beyond what I expected and we totally enjoyed every moment with Angel. We learned so many interesting pieces if information about Sedona and also got an amazing experience with drumming and spiritual native american ceremonies. I would recommend Angel to everyone coming into Sedona. She is definitely from the heart and an amazing person and informative guide. She went way out of her way for my family and we had the greatest time. Thank you."

"Thank you so much for waiting for me today! I am so happy that I was able to experience all that I did today. I took my lovely bath and am now going to do the candle ceremony.

You want to know what happened?? I got A text of Jesus's picture and prayer from a friend who did not know I was here. And I had another prayer sent to me by a friend who also did not know I was here, a prayer with Jesus, and I had a second e-mail with another glorious picture of Jesus. from an unknown source ..... it was a full picture of Jesus.

---One little thing though I was almost to the hotel and My husband said that I was speeding and a camera light took a picture. I let it go to God, -

Blessings to you and yours love and peace to all,"


"What was I supposed to chant I forgot? it starts with OM then, I did not write it down.

I looked up butterfly tribe/clan and Dolpin too. I already knew Dolphin, but butterflys story was so true.
I am honored that the feminine came through today on my journey because I have put together a womens group.

I will always remember this amazing time with you and Lovely sedona- Oh almost forgot i got invited to help the whales support them on their journey! I was unsure if I should go. we'll see......

So much to say -- there is another set of people that I have connected with - these beings that I have channelled and several others have channeled are called the thirteenth tribe - I forgot to tell you, they are a council of all beings, like , lemerians, pleadians, etc.

Thought that I should mention it!
Merry christmas"
-- Love Mimi

"Dear Angel Lightfeather,
I don’t know why but I am drawn to Sedona. I live in Austin, TX. I have been going through a lot of awareness and personal freedom and enlightenment. I feel as though I have just awaken from a long sleep and now I am *awake.* I suppose I feel like I have wasted a lot of my life but I guess I am progressing at the pace I was suppose to progress in. But, I am not sure but I know now that I want to learn and experience what God has for me. I feel a call to be a healer.
I came upon your website. I know nothing of you but what I have seen tonight. You seem like a very dear lady, an earth angel. I hope I can meet you one day. I feel like I need to have my husband and I get away and go to Sedona. If you can suggest something for us, that would be wonderful. My husband, also, is going down a more spiritual path and awakening.
Love and blessing to you, Angel Lightfeather~"

“I went to Mexico and got so terribly sick. I went to Sedona and was guided to meet Angel. As I lay on her healing table I felt complete trust. I felt Divine Angels all around me. Soon my fever was gone and I am fine. She gave me wonderful advice that I know saved my life. Words can never express how incredible our visit together was. You have my gratitude and admiration for the amazing work that you do.”

“I have been deaf since birth. Angel, your divine hands turned on my hearing. It is a miracle. You are Divine.”

“I don’t need my crutches anymore and now I can think clearly! Thank you Angel!”

“ I don’t have MS any more. I still can’t believe it. Thank you Angel. You are in my prayers everyday.”

"I work with His Holiness The Dali Lama and I was sent to you. Thank you for your clarity of sight, intuitive gifts and guidance. Bless you for the work you do."

"I am so grateful to have found you. You have taught me so much in such a short period of time. I know my angels sent me to find you. I am finally on my path and you have made it possible for me to understand how miracles really happen!"

"I am so happy to write to you Angel. You helped me through the worst year of my life! You told me I would get the contract that I so desperately needed. Everything you told me happened exactly as you said. I now am so very happy and have come through the toughest times ever. Thank you for being there for me. You are are an amazing spirit guide for me. You really helped me so much and showed me the truth. Everything you said happened. Thank you. I totally trust your guidance and thank you for being there for me."

"On my reservation I am called a Shaman. As soon as I met you I knew you were very special and I know you are also a Shaman. I have heard that you heal Shamans. As soon as you met me you knew who I was. You gave healing and guidance to myself and my wife. The Great Spirit works through you and you are a very Sacred Soul to meet. Thank you. I received healing physical, spiritual and also as leader for my people you have brought me to another heightened level. We are both very amazed. Your guidance makes us very happy.There are many people that speak well about you. You were highly recommended."

"I hope you have been well and enjoying enjoying your time here on Earth. I feel very blessed to have met you."

"During our session we did that Powerful soulmate prayer and you said that I would meet him in September---AND I DID! :-)"

"Angel, my family flew into the United States from Japan to see you as you are very recommended. I have cried every day for thirty years about the loss of our child and you brought the truth to us. We know what happened and can finally put all of this to rest. I am smiling and so joyful. Thank you everyday. I thank you."

"My brother telephoned me and told me of a reading he had with you. You knew information about our mother that has passed on that only we knew about. He was so excited to bring me this news I flew in to Sedona the same week from England to see you! You are so clear to understand. Thank you for linking our family and letting this miracle take place."

"When I received the rainbow therapy and healing work with you Angel all the pain is now gone. I feel incredible and my head can turn from side to side. I haven't been able to do that for years! I love to see you every year! Thank you for sharing your gifts. I feel so blessed to have found you. I can't thank you enough."

"My dogs have been fighting and seemed so discontent. You gave them spiritual counseling, psychic readings and they each also recieved a divine alignment. They are both so much more at peace in their relationship and seem so much happier. You have an amazing way of reading our animals and they respond so well. You speak to all of our souls with perfect accuracy. Thank you for blessings our lives."

"She hears you Angels speak and gives you the information accurately and it is amazing""Angel Lightfeather presents a wonderful opportunity to share an incredible learning experience that is sure to change your life forever!"

"During my reading when we accessed my "chart" in the Akashic Records. I got a sort of heads up on health issues for the later part of my life about what I need to be vigilant about. I have been having some "autoimmune system"issues(nothing life threatening) and from your reading of the Akashic Records an amazing thing happened. I came onto an amazing new path that brought me all of the answers I was seeking and also an incredible new body of knowledge to help myself and many other people. Thank you for helping me find these answers in love and light."

"Thanks for the reading on Friday. It helped me focus/refine my thinking/feeling. It was claming. At the end of the session you had me repeat a prayer for bringing a new love into my life. You touched my heart. I will never forget you. Thank you"


"a client came to see me here in Naples Florida and she was saying she had an amazing reading with a psychic in Sedona and she will never get over it. She said this psychic told all sorts of detailed information about what will happen to her and every single thing happened. She was totally blown away! I asked her if the psychic was Angel Lightfeather and she said YES!!! How great is that! Every single thing that you said in my reading happened too!!"

Greetings Angel;
I wanted to write to you, after I have been using theAngel Most
Holy Book. I feel I get answers I seek though, some answers I do not
 quite understand. Especially a dream I had, and the reason behind it, and the answers the book gave me. It was quite a scary dream though. I
love the book, and use it as instructed. I do not read it page to page. I like the instructions you gave. I remember when I received the book, and held it close to my heart/chest, and the feeling I got. I had my husband hold it also, and he felt something. I did not ask him what he felt because, I felt it to be too personal. To know he felt something was enough for me. We both agree it is a special book. Thank you Angel
Lightfeather... I hold this book like you say... Most Holy... Yes, I believe this is true...
Warm Regards,

I am in Greece on paros island and I read this e-mail. I got strong chills up and down mu body. I am so in tune with your messages. I thank you for keeping me in your prayers. My favourite number is 8 and I love the infinity sign sowhen you mentioned the number and the Greek connection I had to chuckle. Greece and my life is beautiful now. I see changes happening all around me and I am not afraid. Somehow I have a grace about me.

Thank you for being part of my life.

Light and love always Angel.

Your friend from Canada Maria

Angel - I just had to tell you that I looked up Beatrix Potter and we have so much in common. She and I both write about the animals we love and the behavior we observe. She and I are also both English. I got chills as I read her story. I have also found someone to edit my book. Thanks so much and Blessings to you and yours. Also today on TV I saw the listing for the new movie about her. I can't wait to watch it. Had never heard of it before and there it is. WOW!! Jill


Good morning, Angel. It's your friend, Margie, in Texas checking in. I enjoy your newsletters so much and send them on to some of my friends in hopes they will subscribe and reap the benefits.

I want to schedule a phone session with you sometime soon and follow up on previous sessions. So far, you are right on target with some of the things you've told me and I'm being led in the direction you have suggested. First, my travel companion did make his transition on February 11. Secondly, I have been invited to speak and "tell my story of recovery" from being affected by someone's drinking (Al-Anon Family Groups) in a couple of different places and am in the process of writing some notes and perhaps publishing at some point. And, just today, I have received a phone call from The Center for the Study of Addiction & Recovery at Texas Tech University here in Lubbock, Texas to speak at some of their classes or seminars as they have some suggested dates for me.

Angel, these are all things you have shared that seem to be on the horizon for me.

Also, you mentioned the Ozark Research Institute in Fayetteville, Arkansas as a resource for me and I followed up, became a member, and have received a brochure for a Convention that will be held in Fayetteville April 24-28. I haven't sent a registration as I wanted to check this out with you for your input and if you think this might be beneficial for me at this time. Have you ever attended any Ozark Research Institute meetings or seminars or know anything about them? ...

...Much love, Margie


I would never come to Sedona without seeing you Angel

Mrs. Garvey


Thanks for following! love, yoko IMAGINE PEACE: Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread PEACE www.IMAGINEPEACE.com

Yoko Ono / yokoono



Thanks, Angel. I, too, believe that I was divinely guided to you. I can't wait to embark on our journey! ...Have a great week...Lynn





Dear Angel,

Thank you very much for your wonderful spiritual counseling today!! I really appreciated you seeing my boyfriend, too (He really appreciated seeing you, too)!!! I am going to see which door will be opening up. I also will be doing mediation every morning & evening.

Thank you very much again. If I am stuck on something again, I will call you:)




Dear Angel,

Thank you for the e-mail - I loved the story of the mother and the empty (but filled with kisses) golden box. It brought tears to my eyes...

Blessings and best wishes for a brand new year! I hope to see you soon.



Good morning and happy new year!

I look forward to this newsletter - it makes me feel lighter and more in touch with my favorite place on earth. My family used to spend summers in Oak Creek Canyon when I was growing up, and this is going to sound crazy, but when I go back to visit, I feel refreshed and renewed.

Again, thank you for your caring and uplifting words. I will be there in July and would love to drop by for a visit!!

San Angelo, Texas


Hello Angel!

Thank you so much for your website - and your insight :)

Your web page is peaceful and beautiful as your picture of yourself reveals.




Hello Angel,
This is Nancy, you did a reading for me last Saturday. It was quite memorable. I wrote so much about it after I left. I found a beautiful place and sat and wrote. I could feel my father and my potential Mother-in-law with me as I wrote, as they were in the reading with us. They continue to be with me as I think of them and think of my future.

You said a lovely prayer at the beginning of our reading...what was that? You also mentioned something similar that I should say when I am JUST waking up in the mornings. If you could paraphrase it in email, that would be lovely. I have been on your site...I'll continue to look through it and enjoy it!

In additions to the Naked Chocolate in the Raw, you mentioned i could find the almond milk recipe...where on your site is it?

Thanks soooo much and God bless,




Konbanwa Angel,

I have been listening to your holy book CD in the car and our room all day long!
My son already rememberd your name listening to your voice.
I really love your voice......amazing ! I know your voice is the instrument to heal people.
Music is also perfect fit for your voice.
good night!


Hello Angel,

Well, life is truly funny sometimes. I've been thinking of Sedona, AZ for a couple of days now. I kept asking myself why? I live in New Hampshire. So, tonight I decided to do some web surfing and I'm not sure how or why, but I'm sure my Angels had something to do with it, I found your website.

Peace and Blessings...

Janet "Frodo"

Hi Angel,

I wanted to share with you a few photo's of our most beautiful wedding ceremony you conducted last June in the Vortex of Schnebly Hill. Jessie and I have come to Sedona a few times and we have just missed you.

We will call ahead or email you next time we are in town and come see you.

Thanks for the beautiful memories, your angel presence is still blessing us.

In our group asking you Angel do you have a message for me? Your message to me was I was a medicine woman at one time, Well, we have opened up our holistic and counseling center in Kingman and I continue to study herbalogy and holistic nutrition. If you are ever in Kingman please stop in and visit us as Healing Spirits Counseling and Holistic Center, we look forward to seeing you again in the near future. Your message to me was right on.

Hello Angel,

I’m sorry it took time to write you back.

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. It was so lovely.

I enjoyed it. Some of the words were so accurate, and the others were new discovery to me.

I think I’m sensitive, and sometimes that bothers me. I’m easily affected to other people’s feeling, and get tired. But I’m glad to know that’s a gift.

I’ve never thought that I’m a natural born psychic medium, so I was surprised to heart that. I’m interested in spirituality, but I’d thought psychic medium or healer are different level of people from what I can do.

As for the relationship with my husband, I’m not sure yet what is the best, but I’m trying to speak up. One of his ex-coworker gave him a spiritual counseling (I think it was the same day I got your mail), and he was told to release his anger and was advised how to meditate. He’s been trying not to get angry easily, which is good. Whether we continue our relationship or not, that’s a good thing for him. I think he has some pain from his childhood and I hope he can heal that.

I also haven’t thought about a write at all, so I was surprised. Actually, writing is what I’m not good at, so that’s weird.

I don’t like swimming, but I love going to the beach. We went to the beach for a walk this weekend, and I felt so good.

Thank you so much for this wonderful reading. All of your words made my heart warm. I always felt like I was worthless, but now I feel good.

I really appreciate your help!

Many blessings,



Good Evening Angel,

Jessie and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit with us, we realize it was after a very long and busy day. Our astrology reading was interesting and fun especially since the validation of our strong connection not only our souls but our astrological signs too. That is so interesting that when you were calling the angels in your beginning prayer you also invited the holiness the Dalai Lama, I was reading aloud to Jessie the Essential Teachings, the Dalai Lama, this was on our way from Flagstaff to Sedona to see you, remember we were in a long traffic jam, so I just read to him. I wander if we had arrived earlier as planned maybe you would not have been available, so it all worked out. Thank you. It was a great birthday present, even though my birthday is today, that is the gift I requested was for Jessie and I to get a reading from you.

We will be back in Sedona again in the near future, I feel really in balance when I come to Sedona. Jessie does too. We will come see you again. It is always a pleasure.

Jessie has applied for a Chair position at the local college here, if you would not mind saying a little prayer for him ...

Thanks again Angel for your time on Sunday...

See you again soon, but your always in my prayers and thoughts


Hello Angel,

Thank you for your words of wisdom. You are so right that we are connected. Your wisdom resonated strongly with my thoughts of late. I
have to quiet my mind in meditiation and am finding it difficult to stop the mental chatter and worry.
On the flip side, as I send blessing to all, I know that they are receiving my love and many good thngs are happening to my friends and loved ones I believe as a result of this positive energy.(humbly saying this).
I continue to work on myself and reduce my "worrisome" thoughts. Your message reminded me that I need to chill and enjoy the beauty around me.
Thank you for your inspirations.

Love and light always



Dear Angel,

Thank you so much for this..it feels like a cushon ( not sure how you
spell it.) when I do the exercise..I made an appointment with a
neurologist...Thank you..

It does remind me of who I am...I know where I am..just need her to
come out...

Thank you,



I am glad that I got this email as I lost your address.

I am Shirley the gal from South Dakota that your husband took on a vortex tour.

I just want to say it was a wonderful time and I hope the next time I am in Sedona we can get together for a session.

Have you ever thought about coming to South Dakota? We have many wonderful healers that would love to hear you speak. Let me know.



Dear Angel,

I saw you in my vision in  my dream and then I was astonished to meet you. You are a divine tool of God. I am so Blessed to have the honor of meeting you.

All the words you say are words from God. The room fills with bright light when Angels speaks through you. Please come to Japan.  Blessings to you Angel Lightfeather,Tokyo



Thank you for the beautiful reading. I am anxious to receive the tape!Blessings to you Angel! Muriel


Hello Angel.

This is Jolanta from Chicago. You gave me a reading at Monezuma Lake last September. Thank you very much for remembering me and sending your letters.

I think about you often and wish I could attend your classes. Thank you for crossing my path as well and including me in your prayers.

As you see I'm still in Chicago. I wait patiently when Beloved Jesus give me a sign to move to Sedona.

With love, Jolanta


Dear Angel,

Thank you so very much for your time and sharing of gifts yesterday. From my heart, thank you, for fitting me in to your busy schedule and for sharing so much with me. I know your work is intense and I asked you more, taking you over the hour. Please accept my apologies for that. I just want you to know that I'm sorry to have added to that intensity. It is hard to stop when I am so hungry for information. You were/are so gracious, kind and helpful. Just amazing and inspiring!

You had mentioned waking at 3am and here I am in the wee hours, trying to find some peace of mind to fall back asleep. I have meditated as you suggested, albeit rather sleepily, and will try it again now.

With immense appreciation for all you do and share with the world ~



Angel, My brother and I came to see you and you brought us on the most spirituyal journey. We knew we were guided to meet you. As you spoke every hair on my arms vibrated and my heart felt as though God was touching me. Thank you for blessing our lives. Thank you for all the work you do. You are so special. You are why we came to Sedona. If you are ever in Chicago let us know! All Love ,Mike and Joseph

Dear Rev. Angel Lightfeather,
Imagine my eyes when I read my name as the winner of the angel reading with you..WOW!!!! WOW!! WOW!!!! This is wonderful! .Warmly,Lisa

Dearest Angel,

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed this newsletter. It was, for some reason, the most enlightening of all that I have received in the past. It seemed to fit me and where I am in my life today. Since I have moved from Wisconsin to Arizona I have felt so much negativity regarding my siblings (7 sisters, 1 brother) about having left them and moved on. It all started 10 years before my husband and I moved because we chose a different lifestyle. Your newsletters are wonderful and I am blessed to be able to receive them. I have always felt that I have special spiritual gifts and at one reading in Wisconsin all the physic could elaborate on is the vibrations and energy coming from my body. She said I had special healing powers that I should develop and work on. I also felt the ever so gentle vibrations but thought it was coming from her. Thank you for being part of my life.


Dear Angel: I'm so happy and grateful to receive your newsletter and, why am I not surprised to hear from you at this particular time!! I have been thinking about contacting you and asking if it is possible for you to find someone if I give you name and date of birth. .

I trust your intuition and if you feel I should pursue this, ...

Thank you for your prayers and blessings.

Love, Margie

Hi Angel, I have been following your guidance for over 10 years now and you are alway so spot on. Just want you to know how accurate you really are. i wonder how many people come back to tell you. You told me my daughter in law was pregnant and she never told anyone. Turns out she was pregnant just like you said. You told me my son would be alright and come home safe from the service aftter a near death experience and he did.( Please forgive me for my anger and upset when I was so afraid for my son.) I cry to think about it.You even saw the street name on a sign in another country! That was right too! You are amazing.You are the genuine Angel and I love you. Thank you Angel Lightfeather. You light my path! I send Blessings to you always! Love Darlene

Angel, Thank you for being in our lives. When I had that first reading with you it changed my life. My personal info about my family and intimate info no one has ever known you seemed to know. I was shocked yet I will never forget you. I trust you and am honored  to have met you. When we did my past life reading I was amazed at the accurate info you had and all the alignments to my present life. It all has made so much sense now! I love you! I Love you! I Love you! Vicki from Ireland


Angel Thank you for doing my psychic reading on the hot air balloon! I'll never forget you! I love your art! I cherish our times together! Love to you always!

I thought you would like this. During our conversation yesterday, you asked me if Gil's boss knew about the job offer. It turns out as we were speaking or very close to that time - the client and Gil's boss were communicating. The client called Gil's boss as a "courtesy". I believe that is what you were picking up on. Amazing! So now everyone knows! Blessings and love. Clair


I want to thank you for the wonderful reading and for the call back, it is appreciated..

thank you for caring

ohhhh by the way, can I get a tape of my reading? You had so much information to give me I couldnt write it down fast enough.

until we talk again,



Blessed Be Angel Lightfeather,

It was a such a blessing to speak with you this afternoon on the possibility of coming to Sedona for a Sacred Journey Vortex Tour.

...We also hope to work with you as Angles & Spirit guides direct.

Thank God/Goddess/Goodness for guiding us to you.

With love and light,



Thank you so much for my beautiful reading yesterday! I feel 100% better and I am so grateful for having you come into my life to help me! I picked up your rack card at the Clarkdale visitor center, kept it and then called you. You gave me the reading yesterday at 11am-I am sheilia, the one that you told to go back to Hawaii, Kauai actually. I went to work yesterday and gave a two weeks notice. To me it was closure and my stimulis pay for a ticket over there! I wanted to leave in good standing and not just walk out the door! You are truly an angel and a direct voice to God!!
...My extreme gratefullness to you!

Hey Angel!
How are you doing? Its so funny that I only met you that one time, but I feel a very strong connection to you. That reading helped me more than youll ever know. Anyway I just wrote this and wanted to share it with you! Thanks again for all you are:)


Love to you Angel (You are so named correctly, wow) This is Karen HOLA!..... I need your help please.  ...I pray for you and feel you. I miss you so much. My soul hurts so much lately. I know you are helping me. I am so thankful for you. Cannot wait to be in your physical presence again. God is so good to me but the healing is so emotional. I know He is preparing my heart and soul. Thank you Angel - my earthly Angel.


I wanted to thank you for my reading on Saturday the 16th. I am extremely motivated to follow my dreams of opening my own business since we
spoke last. I now believe that my dreams are not only possible but will in fact be realized. I am unsure why I had such a strong connection with you, I am not prone to excessive displays of emotion but I believe we shared something very powerful and special. I thank you for that moment and hope to develop that seed of friendship in the future. You are a very special and remarkable woman in my opinion, and I wish you the best.

With love,







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Many have experienced Miracles in these sessions with Angel. I'd say she does all that and so much more. She can see deep into my soul and then speaks to my Angel too! You really have to live it to understand it. Eternal Gratitude always Angel and thank you! 10 hours!-Still not enough time!



Good morning. I wanted to thank you for the journey into the Vortex and the kindness that you showed to Shandean and I. The rest of our trip had some windy roads but the best journeys are unexpected ones. It was no mistake that we came to visit you and I believe as well that there is no such thing as coincidence. I left some Polaroid pictures from our trip in your car.. in the door on the passenger side. Perhaps because you were meant to have a copy of the picture of me with my angels. I can send you a stamped envelope so you can send them to me.

The more I think about that day, the more I feel that my meditation in the morning was a direct contact with Jesus. I feel that I should share that because it does correlate to my journey with you. In my meditation I was sitting by the creek and water was poured over my head and then the water turned to blood. Jesus came and took me into the creek and baptized me. When I came up from the water he said "you are cleansed." I walked to the side of the creek and sat in meditation and he came and sat beside me. I felt a warmness and peacefulness. I asked him.. "are you God?" He said to me "It doesn't matter who I am, It matters who you are" Then he slowly moved from beside me and sat within me. He said "I am within you and part of you, you never need look elsewhere."

It was not coincidence that you put holy water on my forehead that same day. I had never been baptized and I feel Jesus baptized my soul that day and you my body. I listened to your CD on my drive home from the Grand Canyon. That was a wonderful gift "thank you" and I know what you say to be true, I have known these things for sometime. Thank you.. Blessings to you.. You are a brilliant soul.

Best regards,



Angel, I asked you to be with me during my surgery. You said where the doctor should look to find what he was looking for. I could feel your love all during my surgery and the doctor found what he was looking for exactly as you said he would. Thanks to you I do not need another surgery and I do not know how you do what you do. I only know I was blessed because of having met you. I have been touched by the hand of god through you. I never really believed in God till you came into my life. I will never forget you. I love you. Thank you. Cristi from Texas


Angel, I found you on the internet and immediately flew in to Sedona to meet you and do your class. You are so kind to allow me to do your class and teach me so much. On the internet you have the class described as:

Learn how to get people out of a coma

Learn how to bring a person out of confusion

Learn how to speed up healing and take away pain

Learn healing remedies that really work

Learn Divine Healing techniques as Jesus taught

Find out what are the causes of Illness and

how to identify them

Find out the basic principles of Spiritual unrest and causes to spiritual freedom

Find out how drugs, chemicals and harmful toxins can be released safely

Find out the causes of dangerous diseases and ill health

Find the path to spiritual divine well being and harmony

Learn about the times we live in and what we

can do to stay well

Learn Advanced Metaphysical Divine Law that can be utilized in these times.

So many have asked when will Angel teach again? Well, now is that time. This is the first in a series of Divine Inspiration and Miracles, The Divine Healing Techniques Workshop.

You are very blessed and very fortunate to be among those who will be present to experience these amazing experiences.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I find your teaching so incredible and vauable. I can heal now beyond my expectations. You teach miracles as taught by Jesus and you are a miracle and I am a miracle for having met you. You are so clear and amazing. I know Jesus works through you. There is amazing blessings And  thanks to you always from London your friend always Keith


"She hears your Angels speak and gives you the information accurately and it is amazing."


Hi Angel..... back home in Canada after a whirlwind visit to Sedona. It was nice being able to connect with you during the Psychic Expo on a day when you weren't scheduled to be there !! :-) You will remember that my reading ran over... time wise.... but do you think I can recall all the information I was given..... NOT !! I do remember being on your table and having some work done on me.....  Anyway, I had a client in last night for Reiki and I did not pull in as many symbols, as you suggested, as you said i did not need "symbols" being a powerful Healer in my own right !!...I realize that I did not ask you any of the typical questions during the reading. Like will I ever be financially independent and debt-free without having to find "someone" to take care of me. And, of course, the most common question.... will I find my "soulmate"...


Dear Angel,

I visited with you this past Tuesday, for over an hour, while vacationing in Sedona for a few days.

I felt so very good after our visit, it was the best natural high ever! I am not a rich woman, just a hard working single mom. In fact this was the first true vacation I have taken in over three years. My visit with you was worth it's weight in gold.

I still have work to do in the healing department...I keep visualizing "that door" a crack open and trying to close it all the way, I keep hearing the sound it makes when it clicks shut, but can't yet seem to close it completely. There are times he continues to pop back into my head/heart, without physical presence....a song, a place mentioned, a smile, a feeling...even when he is the furthest thought from my mind...all of a sudden he is all around me. But as time passes these become less frequent and less strong.

I arrived back in Boston this AM and it is hotter than Phoenix today!

Wanted to take a moment to thank you again. Keep me in your prayers, as I will keep you in mine.





Thank you so much for your reading.
I hope Tokio, my husband will be able to live here with us ASAP...
Life is hard, love is tough .... but I have to work I learned a lot in a couple years.
I have more things to ask you, actually so I will work harder and call U again.
THank you so much.




Did You Know… There are tiny stickers on almost all fruit, and along with the bar code for checkout, is a number code.

A sticker with just four digits means the fruit was conventionally grown (think pesticides, herbicides, etc)

Organic fruits have a five-digit number beginning with a "9."


Therefore an organic banana would say 94011 while a genetically modified banana would say 84011.

And you thought you only had to read labels on packaged food!

Please think about who you know that would benefit from this valuable information and share it with them. It's a blessing to be able to help one another.

"Angel, you are the reason I came to Sedona!"

"I had so much pain in my heart, I didn't think I could fly back to see my doctor. I made an appointment to see Angel Lightfeather and not only did all of the pain leave but I felt so good after our session that the next day my husband and I hiked through the Grand Canyon!"

"Thank you Angel! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank god for sending you to me."

"Angel, not only did you change my wife's life to one of happiness, but when you healed our dog on the vortex we watched a miracle before our very own eyes! You really are incredible.
 Thank you for making our family whole
and taking our pet out of pain."

"My aunt never spoke a word of english in her life, but during the Vortex Tour with Angel Lightfeather, when Angel was speaking divine messages from Ascended Masters all of a sudden my aunt spoke to Angel in perfect english. We were all amazed. Angel, your Vortex Tour was so amazing! "

"Angel, thanks to your good advice and psychic predictions, our company saved over two million dollars...and my blood pressure is normal now thanks to you.
I will recommend you to everybody!"

"Hi Angel, glad I found you again on Facebook...you helped me through a dark time in my life a year or so ago...thank you!"

"ahhhh... i just love your spirit horses!  i also love how the universe just keeps sending me all sorts of confirmation about you and our meeting.  i can't wait to give you a big hug in july... it will be like hugging a long lost friend!  Angel Blessings Abound to you!"

Think of you often and the experience we shared, sending lots of love and well wishes from Australia x

I am starting massage school here in San Diego, CA. I would love to stop by and talk to you and/ or have a reading in Sedona when I am able. You did a wonderful reading for me about 1 1/2 years ago.


Angel how are you? I'm so glad you found me on here. Lots happening since Sedona as you know you were my catalyst for change. Just got back from Peru a few weeks ago. May you always be blessed.

I was definitely referred to you by God. I was doing a big retreat in Sedona (KRYON) and I had to see you. You are the best and perfect guidance. I changed right in the session-now my family will stay together -thanks Angel. The thing about your session is it is pure love.


Angel, my visits with you have made a lasting impression, and I am waiting for that time when I can connect with you and know that I'm ready for the next step...blessings from Kennett Square Pennsylvania...until the wonderful day when I can relocate...Heather


Hi Angel

I really enjoyed your message this morning. It is a reflection of what I tell others all the time some think that I'm a little off but that’s ok LOL.

Just wanted to say thank you it was something that I needed to hear/read today


"Hi Angel,
I absolutely love your new site, your beautiful "horses", etc.  Best wishes in your new endeavors.  God Bless.  Christine from Boston


Dear Angel,
On the way home, Isabella said, "I loved Sedona, when can we go back?" and I said what was your favorite part and she said,
"Angel and Angel's home." 

We had such a blessed trip for our first time to Sedona.  

We can't wait to connect with you again...Hope you had a wonderful day today!!  I will spend some time on your site this week to enjoy more info about you... 

Thanks my friend and "soul sister" for a wonderful visit.  Talk 2 u soon! 

Warmest regards & gratitude,


"Just Because It Is, Doesn't Mean It Should Be"
"When you know better, you do better...”
"Energy Flows Where Attention Goes"



Hey Angel
I was so happy to be in touch with you in October.
I’m back home now, and wanted once more to thank you  for the fantastic tour. Love, Britt from Norway

Thanks for your wonderful newsletter.  When I look at all the universal forces it becomes apparent that the material world is just one of many dimensions.



You helped me send my brother, Ralph to the light when he passed over and was so confused.  Your book and CD has helped me so much and your newsletter is a source of strength. Thank you for all you do.


Thank you so much,



Thanks so much……..you truly are an ANGEL!...

Blessings to you, Margie


Hi Angel.  Do you remember me?  I can't forget you.  I needed your inspiration the day I met you.  Like you said, I was led to you.  I was just beginning to listen to my tape for the first time.  I hope all is well in Sedona.  Things are different for me now in Richmond, VA…. and it is a whole new journey.  It's very big.  Love to you, Angel, please keep in touch.


Hello Angel:  I enjoyed our visit when I was in Sedona and I L O V E your new studio.  Will you do a couple of favors for me, please.   First, will you repeat the meditation you suggested that I use every day and, second, give me the name of the product you recommended to prevent cholesterol and how to order it. 

I loved every minute of my time in Arizona but the highlight was Sedona and visiting you.  Love, Margie 

 Re: Fear Clearing Meditation

"Thank you so much for your warm words my dear friend :)))) You are lovely soul!!! Wish you much love and blessings :)))) Take care and have a light day :)))"


 Hello Angel! You gave me a delightful reading last April(?)

In Sedona; perhaps you remember, perhaps not.

Sending bright blessings regardless.--Tina


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