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Articles by Sedona Psychic
Angel Lightfeather

Take a Sacred Vortex Journey with Sacred Pathways of Sedona

Sacred Pathways offers a multitude of both spiritual and healing experiences. Take a Sacred Soul Journey Vortex Tour ™   and visit some of the powerful vortices in Sedona where drumming, chanting and release work is spiritually guided in sacred divine ways. The Sacred Journey is all about you.


 Awaken To The New Age
wareness of a greater consciousness is the goal of students and disciples on their spiritual  path. Raising oneself above and beyond the material plane of limitations and darkness of the world is the path to enlightenment. (More...)


Sedona Vortex Tour Special Coupon Sacred Sedona Vortex Experience is The Journey of a lifetime. This Spiritual Sedona Vortex Experience is recommended by Sedona's Top Psychic and Divine Healer Angel Lightfeather. Your Sacred Journey of a lifetime VORTEX TOUR (More...)

Angel Lightfeather of Sedona Arizona Presents September 2008 Newsletter A cycle of seasons is soon coming to a close. The Buddha says "Watch Nature- nature is the greatest teacher". Our physical bodies are also a part of nature.
 It is always a good idea to help our body prepare for the winter as well. I always recommend... (More...)

Sedona Artist Angel Lightfeather Paints Your Soul
Sedona Spiritual Angel Artist Angel Lightfeather paints your Soul and gives you a Spiritual Sedona Reading all at the same time! That's got to be the Absolute Ultimate Sedona Experience you get to bring back home with you! Angel will turn you into a work of Art. (More...)

Angel Lightfeather of Sedona Arizona Presents August 2008 Newsletter
The number eight is also a symbol of Theta which is the Greek Letter meaning Life or Life force. The number eight can be interpreted as the symbol of infinity if you place the eight on its side. (More...)

Angel Lightfeather of Sedona Arizona Presents a Recipe for an Old Time Remedy. After a few days of the body insisting on being on a fast, you might try this wonderful Old Time Remedy. It may help to get you on the road to recovery. (More...)

Angel Lightfeather Presents July 2008 Newsletter for Sedona Arizona

Angel Lightfeather Shares Cooling Ambrosia Recipe with Sedona Arizona
Angel Lightfeather shares this fruit and almond treat that makes a cooling summer dessert and healthful snack. (More...)

Angel Lightfeather Announces the Spanish Release of Miracles Book in Sedona Arizona Angel Lightfeather announces the release of her book, "Angel Presence Angel Presents A Most Holy Book, Words From Gods and The Angels," in Spanish. (More...)

Angel Lightfeather Presents a Spiritual Healing Bath in Sedona Arizona
This wonderful healing bath by Angel Lightfeather should bring you tranquility and harmony. (More...)

Angel Lightfeather discusses the Divine Inspiration and Miracles workshops addressing "Spiritual Attunement of These Times" and higher metaphysical manifestations (More...)

Angel Lightfeather Features Green Recipes in Monthly Newsletter from Sedona Arizona

Angel Lightfeather Answers Questions About the Sedona Vortex in Sedona Arizona When people visit Sedona they are struck with the incredibly overwhelming beauty of the landscape in one of the spiritual power spots on earth... (More...)

Angel Lightfeather discusses the beauty of Auras: Sometimes when meditating there are instances where you can begin to see and appreciate the profound and unique splendor of your own energy. This may be viewed as peaceful and tranquil light or color. (More...)

Angel Lightfeather Announces Year of Transformation: This is a year of transformation. Letting go of the old ideas. Surrendering to the Divine. Reaching for higher knowledge... (More...)

Psychic Healer Angel Lightfeather Presents Divine Inspiration and Miracles in Sedona Arizona:  Dr. Angel Lightfeather MsD presents the divine healing techniques workshop, Divine Inspiration and Miracles. The workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn incredible new, hands-on healing... (More...)

Angel Lightfeather Presents Karma: For Every Cause There is an Effect: The expression " As you sow, so you reap" becomes more intriguing as we look into the cosmic Karmic connection of the higher Divine Law. For every cause there is an effect. For every action there is a reaction. (More...)

Angel Lightfeather Answers Questions about The Sedona Vortex in Sedona Arizona. (More...)

Angel Lightfeather Presents The Joy Factor
I have a theory, and as ridiculous as it may seem, I call it "The Joy Factor." The basic theory goes a little like this: if it makes you happy, do it. If it makes you unhappy, don’t do it. Perhaps it sounds too simple and silly to be true... (More...)

Angels Lightfeather on Sedona Vortex Tours: A vortex is the funnel shape created by the motion of spiraling energy. The vortexes in Sedona are swirling centers of subtle energy coming out from the surface of the earth. They characterize... (More...)

The Soul - A New Article from Angel Lightfeather
Though everyone of us possesses that intangible something which is called The Soul, few know anything about it, nor do they know very much about its nature and potential... (More...)

Sedona Sacred Soul Journey by Angel Lightfeather: People telephone from all over the world to ask me about the vortex here in Sedona. What is it? What is it like? I am often overwhelmed to even begin to describe what it is that is the... (More...)

Angel Lightfeather Presents Schedule of Classes in Sedona Arizona: Divine Inspiration and Miracles and the Divine Healing Techniques Workshop taught by Rev. Dr. Angel Lightfeather, Ms.D., will teach participants healing techniques not written in books of today... (More...)

Angel Lightfeather features healthy Almond Milk Recipe: This recipe for almond milk is for everyone who wants to stay healthy and experience the wonderful health benefits from eating in a more pure and natural way. (More...)

Angel's Naked Chocolate in the Raw : You know the old expression, if it's too good to be true then it probably is! Well, not in this case! Presenting Angel's Naked Chocolate In The Raw, a recipe by Angel Lightfeather from Sedona, Arizona. (More...)

Angel Lightfeather of Sedona Arizona Presents "Have a Great Ice Cream and Eat Yours Too!" Some times laughter is the greatest medicine. Just think, if we all could be healed with laughter - wouldn't it be great! Laughter makes you feel good. Ice cream makes you feel good too... (More...)

Angel Lightfeather presents - Angel Do You Have A Message For Me? (1): March 23, 2006: There must be close to fifty people in the room. They are here to get their messages from their angels at the event. Angel channels messages from angels... (More...)

Angel Lightfeather presents - Angel Do You Have A Message For Me? (2) February 23, 2006: Sometimes our lifetime has within it stories that are so amazing that if you do not share them they tend to disappear as though they had never happened... (More...)

Angel Lightfeather offers Spirit Horse Readings
In the Magical World of Sedona, Arizona:
March 16, 2006: To paraphrase Michelangelo, there is a potential work of art breathing in every stone and Angel Lightfeather reminds us of this theory. She awakens whimsical, sensual and tactile images in her imaginative paintings and sculptures... (More...)

Psychic and Healer Angel Lightfeather Presents Divine Inspiration and Miracles In Sedona Arizona  Dr. Angel Lightfeather MsD presents the divine healing techniques workshop, Divine Inspiration and Miracles. The workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn incredible new, hands-on healing... (More...)

New York Times - Travel:
Angel Lightfeather appears in the New York Times

The Angel House in Cripple Creek: This absolutely adorable, fully restored, turn-of-the-century Victorian home was once owned by movie queen,Texas Guinan, famous for her humorous line, "So Long Suckers!" as is notably documented... (More...)


Articles by Angel Lightfeather

She's been compared to John Edward (Crossing Over). Her messages are from Angels and Loved ones from the other side.

All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any general or specific medical conditions. The information contained in this website is not a substitute for medical treatment. Nothing in this website is intended to be used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. This website is of a divine spiritual nature. Any and all miracles that may occur are Gods work and Dr. Angel Lightfeather is a divine vehicle through which these divine manifestations channel through. The recommendations you may receive are of a spiritual nature and you should always consult your medical doctor for any physical ailments that may need attention. May you always be Blessed on your Sacred Soul Journey.